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Achievement Patch Released + More!
Posted On: 3/8/2013 9:29 PM
By: Chris The Avatar

The new Achievement System has been released! To learn more about the new system please head over to the players guide or click here.

A number of other changes/fixes were also released with this patch:

  1. Fix: Riddle chests will now have a different riddle anytime they spawn a new item and lock themselves agian.
  2. Fix: Open books should now render their text contents properly and now have the ability to page through.
  3. Change: Absorption skill has been tweaked to make it a bit less powerful by decreasing the chance of absorbing a hit and by making the sp cost of absorbing damage at the max obtainable conversion rate a bit higher.
  4. Change: Crafts will now have their maker's name on them.
  5. Stat Menu will now show an effect over the stat button when you gain a level or earn an acheivement.
  6. Change: Ice Trolls now drop slightly better loot and give slightly better experience.

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