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Posted On: 3/8/2013 9:18 PM
Revised On: 3/8/2013 9:19 PM
By: Chris The Avatar

Players can earn acheivements while playing Fantasy Realm Online. Each acheivement in the game requires that a certain goal or threshold for something is reached by a player. An example of a simple acheivement would be the Dragon Slayer acheivement which requires a player to kill 50 dragons.

When the acheivement is earned the player is given a title. In the case mentioned above the player would receive the title "Dragon Slayer". Any player may earn multiple titles by completing different acheivements. Most titles have some reward associated with them.

Many titles must be set to your active title to receive the reward or benefit from it. For example with the "Dragon Slayer" acheivement the player who has earned it and sets it to their active title gets to deal 5 - 8 additional damage per hit against dragons. Other players can also see which title you currently have active just as you can see their active title.

A player may change his or her active title at any time. This can be done from the status menu by clicking the Titles button/tab and then either clicking the select button next to another title to make it active or the clear button to clear their currently active title.

Some titles do not need to be set to active to gain their benefits. You can check which titles need to be activated and which do not by clicking the info button next to each acheivement/title on the titles menu. These titles can be set to active even still to show the title on your character to other players if you wish.

Note for a current list of acheivements that can be earned by your character. Open the status menu and click the titles button/tab. All earnable acheivements will be displayed. Since some of the acheivements would be hard for you to keep track of, this menu also shows you how you are progressing towards each acheivement. You can also track your progress for each acheivement from this same menu as well. 

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