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Title: Coming Soon in 2013

Here is a list of items that we have planned for 2013. Our goal is to complete all the items on this list but often we juggle priorities based on trends and feedback from players. All of the development areas will not be described in detail in this thread, generally this is provided in the news section of the site. We will give some kind of time range for items this year and do our best to stick to that:

These are the major releases coming (Note some improvements will be on-going and mixed in the major releases through out the year, see the bottom for those):

Acheivement System: (Early - Mid March) [RELEASED]

Players will be able to to complete acheivments in the game that will earn them a title. A player can choose a title at anytime from their list of earned titles to receive special benefits from a title. An example of this might be:

Kill 10 Reapers of Life, 25 Keeper of the Deads, 50 Flesh Eaters, 50 Ghouls, and 100 Zombies.

Completing this acheivement gives you the title "Van Helsing" . When this title is active (or a players selected title) the player gets +3 - 5 dmg against undead.

Here is an example of one a merchant class player might have an opportunity to earn:

Smelt ore for 30000 ingots

Completing this acheivement gives you the title "Metal Melter". When this title is active (or a players selected title) the player gets +10% more ingots when smelting

Not all planned achievemens will be available upon release of this system. We will be adding new achievements with future patches as well. Upon the release of the Acheivement System you can expect between 10 - 20 achievements available.

Read more about the releae here:

Alchemy (Late April/Early May) [RELEASED]

Alchemy will allow players to concoct potions using a cauldron and ingrediants/reagents. Alchemy will also require "recipes" which can be bought or found while playing a adventure class character. Some recipes will require decoding which will be presented as a mini-puzzle of various difficulties.

The spell book interface will also be improved with this release.

Read more about the release here:

Northern Main Land Opened To Players (June/July)

A whole new snowy section of the map will be opened to the players, while the entire area may not be complete on release, the area will offer a new large town for Evil players and a smaller neutral/good barbarian town. We will likely have some new enemies in this area as well as some old ones.

Player Run Shops (June/July)

Players with premium/ultimate accounts will be able to turn their house/property into a shop and hire an npc to sell items to other players that may pass by. The interface provided by npcs will be similar to that of the regular shops though players will have full control over what their shop sells.

Lock Picking (July/August)

The lockpicking skill will become available which will allow players to pick locked doors and chests.

New Weapons/Armor (Summer)

Even more weapons, clothing and armor with new art will become available during sometime in the summer.

  • Bone Armor
  • Rogues Armor (New Artwork)
  • Bone Whip
  • Slingshot
  • New hair styles
  • Torn Robes
  • Striped and Checkered Shirts
  • Long Tunic/Knight's Tunic
  • + More!

Integrated Web Features (Summer)

New features allowing players to share/display their character stats/skills/look with others right from the web will be possible along with new stats available right on our home page.

Players will also be able to easily upload game screenshots right from the client in a click of a button and even give it a short description or title.

Enchantment (Late Summer)

Players will be able to enchant weapons/armor with magical abilities.

Misc/Ongoing Changes

We have a slew of new creatures/enemies to add throughout the year all with new art. Here is the list so far:

  • Fire Elemental - Neutral
  • Air Elemental - Neutral
  • Water Elemental - Neutral
  • Giant - Neutral
  • Griffin - Good
  • Demon - Evil
  • Wraiths - Evil
  • Fallen Angel - Evil
  • Headless Horseman - Evil

New Spells:

  • Black Magic: Magic Reflection - Reflects a spell back at a opponent
  • Black Magic: Mana Drain - Drains mana from opponent and adds to your mana
  • White Magic: Silence - Target cannot cast spells for a few seconds 
  • Summoning: Summon Fire Elemental  - Summons a fire elemental
  • Necromancy: Gather The Spirits - Summons a wraith
  • Necromancy: Plague - Causes the same effect on rot over a large area
  • Druidry: Druidry will be getting an enchant weapon or recharge weapon spell.
  • Prayer: Prayer will be getting 1 - 2 additional spells

Additional Quests:

  • Between 20 - 40 new quests will become available this year.

New Areas

  • Additional new areas will also become available throughout the year.

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