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Player's Guide
Geppettos Guide to all things Crafting
Posted On: 8/16/2012 4:38 AM
Revised On: 8/16/2012 7:51 AM
By: DarKPenguiN

NOTE: Crafting/Merchant trades are not yet fully implemented and this Guide will continually be updated as new Skills are added to the game.


So, you want to be a crafter? To learn the skilled trades which make up the backbone and pinnacle of the Moon Haven economy, to create armor and weapons of magnificent power and to bring fame and glory upon yourself ? You wish to craft furnishings which rival those found in the bed chambers and dining halls of the greatest Kings? You wish to sharpen blades to a razors edge and learn the arts of alchemy and poison?

Well young apprentice, worry not- For I, Geppetto Magistra, shall get you started in this highly rewarding and often complex venture into the World of harvesting recourses and then constructing them into valuable tools for the many Classes of Adventurers who inhabit this once peaceful land.
But… Before we begin your instruction. A word about Stats and how they will effect your potential. After all, I would rather not waste my breath with one who hasn’t the KNOWLEDGE or the INTELLIGENCE to craft a mere Copper Rod.
Your Stats (and how you choose to initially place them) will either cause you undue frustration OR help you immeasurably throughout your Career as a Merchant. So let us discuss each and every Stat and how it may benefit you.
STRENGTH-  Strength is the Statistic most important for Classes which rely on brute force (such as the Brain Dead Barbarians  we often crack jokes about- But quietly since our superior Intelligence and Knowledge does little to help us avoid a Blow to the head from those Brutes…) But although we do not fight or ever need Combat Skills, Strength STILL plays a role amongst our ilk.
Strength will determine not only how much weight you be able to carry (And as a Merchant we must carry many things) but also is a determining factor in the amount of recourses you gather whilst  Woodcutting and Mining. Remember that our Tools will degrade so being able to harvest 4 pieces of Wood per chop not only fills your packs faster, but by proxy saves on replacing your Tools.
STAMINA- Stamina is important for not only Hit Points (our Lifeblood) but also for certain skills related to Constitution such as poison resist. Stamina is , in my humble opinion, not overly important to a Merchant. Yes, there is debate and argument on both sides of this most controversial topic, BUT a skilled crafters job is to AVOID MONSTERS altogether. We are far too superior in our Mental Capacity to spend our time acting like the ruffians and gallivanting with the Undead and other such “hobbies”.
The choice is yours if you feel a few extra Hit Points is worth the WASTED skill points…After all, did the High Borne Gnomish Inventors waste their time “building their Cardio” on a treadmill? I think not. Had they worried about such mundane things such as body building we would not have such fine inventions as…What was it they invented again? Ah, never mind…
INTELLIGENCE-  Ah the Mental disciplines, our “bread and butter”. Only a Wizard should be on our level of Intellectual fortitude. …And Intelligence is a staple of our craft. 
Intelligence will help to determine (along with Knowledge to a lesser degree) the success rate you will have whilst crafting an item. A merchant lacking in this very important stat will see laughable results at the Carpenters Table/Anvil. If you have but a lousy 5% chance to craft that Copper Sword it is time to look for another career or HIT THOSE BOOKS and raise that Intelligence. Any Crafter worth his Salt could craft that sword BLINDFOLDED because your success chance is NOT dependent on seeing what your doing, but on that grey matter between your ears.
KNOWLEDGE- This Stat represents our overall “knowledge” or the things we have learned. Knowledge is POWER and this is especially TRUE in our glorious Trade.
Knowledge will determine what Materials you can work with (or Harvest)… You may have a very high Intelligence and Craft that Copper Sword blindfolded and backwards 96% of the time. Can you craft a PLATINUM SWORD though? I thought not.  Because being “book smart” and having hands on experience are entirely different.
A Crafter of high Knowledge will be familiar with the most rare of recourses. He can easily smelt the rarest of Ore into Ingots and then turn those Bars of rare metal into Tools of great Power. He can separate Gems and Platinum from pure rock and find Oak and Yew amongst the Forests. 
In this Merchants opinion KNOWLEDGE is the single most important skill to worry about at the start. It will help you to fill better Work Orders (more Gold and Experience) more quickly and thus has the quickest payoff in the long term. We will discuss this in greater detail later in this lesson.
FAITH- Normally a skill you would associate with Priests and Magi but interestingly enough is one of our staple skills and should not be ignored. I am often asked how I continually produce such exquisite Arms and Armor with such high durability (durability is akin to “hit points” for armor and weapons) and how I can sharpen Swords and Axes to such a deadly fine point. I boldly answer these questions with “Years of Training and Hard Work” but this is merely a lie to make myself look good.
Come closer- Let me tell you a secret….
Its all about Faith.
When I begin crafting I close my eyes and pray to whatever of the Gods is listening and I have FAITH that my prayer will be heard.  With enough Faith I can produce goods of the highest durability and this becomes VERY CRUCIAL when dealing with certain Work Orders and Apprenticeship Training from folks who are nearly impossible to satisfy and DEMAND a specific durability….And yes, the customer is always right.
MEDITATION- DO I look like a Monk to you? Sitting  in Lotus position chanting and trying to decipher the Mantra of  OMMMMMMMMMMM whilst seeking Nirvana? Well I am NOT a MONK, I am a materialistic and Gold Hungry CAPITALISTIC CRAFTING MACHINE.
I meditate by swimming in piles of GOLD and buying the favor of Kings and fair Maidens.
...But yeah, skip this Stat entirely.
Where to Begin-
Now that you have a better understanding of the Stats you will need and what they will do- Now what? It isn’t so simple as grabbing a Hammer and creating an Masterpiece- There is Work involved, hard work.
But lets discuss the different types of Merchant/Crafters so that you may choose a Homeland and attain the benefits it will bring. Picking a Homeland gives you a permanent 25 point boost in whichever skill you feel best represents your character. There is no “wrong” choice here as each area of crafting has advantages.
MINING- (All Merchants can MINE, but those who choose Dragonhead Village as their Homeland are exceptional and receive a +25 Bonus)
This is the skill which will allow you to dig into mountains and caves and find Ore and Gems of varying types and qualities. It is the foundation of the Blacksmith Skill and will also play an important role in other skills as well (since having proper Metal is even important in Carpentry)
Important and Determining stats.
STRENGTH- Useful for collecting more Ore per strike of the Pickaxe .
KNOWLEDGE- Needed for Mining certain Ore and for Smelting the Ore into useable Bars or Ingots of Metal.
Woodcutting- (All Merchants can engage in the art of Woodcutting, but one whose Homeland is Wolfhaven is an exceptional Lumberjack and gains a +25 bonus)
This Skill allows you to Chop Trees and gather Wood of varying quality and usefulness.
Important and Determining stats.
STRENGTH- As with Mining Ore, Strength will determine the amount of Wood you gather per strike of the Axe.
KNOWLEDGE- Needed for attaining certain Wood .
FAITH- Woodcutting is interesting as you can gain many types of Wood from 1 Tree (the types are area dependent) and Faith gives you a better chance to discover the rarer of the types in a given area. An example would be a Tree which could potentially give Cedar or Maple (Maple is better quality and a bit more rare) With each hit of the Axe a random factor determines whether you receive Cedar or Maple from that Tree. FAITH (and having a high Faith) modifies this number to give you a higher chance of getting the better Wood- In this case Maple.
Blacksmithing - 
(All Merchant Characters can perform the duties of a Blacksmith, yet those who hail from  Ironforge Smithy are exceptional and gain a +25 Bonus)
Unlike the Gathering Skills of Mining and Woodcutting, Blacksmithing allows you to make products from your gathered materials of varying degrees of quality. You may repair Arms and Armor, sharpen weapons and even craft a multitude of tools and furnishings. 
Blacksmiths MUST have a “Blacksmith’s Hammer” equipped and MUST be close to an “Anvil” in order to craft. To begin, equip the Hammer and double click the Anvil and a menu will appear allowing you to create items.
Important and Determining skills.
KNOWLEDGE- Yes, we spoke about this already but it cannot be underestimated the utter importance of this Stat. Without a high Knowledge you are resigned to making Copper Junk and Copper junk alone. A high Knowledge will allow you to work with the finest Metals such as Emerald and Ruby Platinum.
INTELLIGENCE- This will Modify the percent (%) chance you will have to Craft a given item (along with Blacksmith skill) and is quite crucial unless you enjoy wasting your hard earned materials and having very little product to show for your effort… Yes, you could spend three days Mining ore and waste most of it attempting to make Simple pair of Boots. Or you could increase your Knowledge and thus the chance for successfully crafting those Boots with a minimal amount of Ingots.
I prefer to work smarter and not harder…
FAITH- This skill gives a higher probability of making an item with a high durability. This will not only help you please those snooty customers on some of the more difficult work orders but also make all around better products which will hold up even when tested during intense combat.
(All Merchants understand and can perform the Carpenters Trade, yet one who's Homeland is Oakpass is exceptionally skilled and gains a +25 Bonus)
Very similar to the Blacksmithing Skill as this is a skill which allows you to take your gathered materials (Wood, in this case) and turn them into Powerful and sought after Tools and Treasures. Bows, Arrows, Wooden Weapons and Furnishings are just a sample of the wares a skilled Carpenter can bring into existence with just some Wood, a Mallet and a Work Bench.
Carpenters MUST have a “Carpenters Mallet” equipped and MUST be close to a “Carpenters Workbench” in order to craft. To begin, equip the Mallet and double click the Workbench and a menu will appear allowing you to create items.
Important and Determining Skills.
KNOWLEDGE- Will determine the quality of Wood you may use when Crafting a given object. Making a Cedar Table is nice but only those with great Knowledge could possibly hope to make that same Table from Oak or Yew .
INTELLIGENCE- As with Blacksmithing This will Modify the percent (%) chance you will have to Craft a given item (along with Carpentry skill) and is quite crucial unless you enjoy wasting your hard earned materials and having very little product to show for your effort…
FAITH-This skill gives a higher probability of making an item with a high durability. This will not only help you please those snooty customers on some of the more difficult work orders but also make all around better products which will hold up even when tested during intense combat.
Leveling a Merchant-
As I have told you, we are far too sophisticated and educated to dirty our hands with fisticuffs and battle- In fact, we couldn’t fight even if we WANTED to. I know you must be wondering how in the World we gain experience (XP) with which to hone our skills and become Masters of our Craft.
Fear not young Apprentice, Geppetto has the answers you seek.
Gaining XP-
As a Merchant, we gain our XP from Work Orders. In the beginning levels I would advise working on Woodcutting and Mining Work Orders until you have raised your faith to around 50 (even if you have chosen a Blacksmith/Carpentry Homeland) Yes, this is MY OPINION and you may go about this in any way you choose BUT trust me when I tell you this is the easiest and least frustrating way to begin  your new Career .
Your first task is to find a Mining Shop or Woodcutters Shop (Or a Blacksmith/Carpenter if choose to ignore my very prudent advice) and then “talk” to the shopkeeper (double click). Ask if there is “Any work in the area that you know of?” and I am certain he has some demeaning task for an inexperienced Merchant.
A “work order” will be placed in your pack which will have a list of items which you must acquire along with a listed reward of Gold and XP.
PSSSSST- Come close again, I have another secret for you (but please don’t tell anyone…) If you throw your work order on the ground like a spoiled child and talk to him again, he will provide ANOTHER Work Order. This tip will be VERY important at later levels when certain Work Orders may be very difficult to fulfill. Often you will throw away a plethora of potential Work Orders until one is offered which suits you.
Now, we complete the order. Equip a Pickaxe or Hatchet (for mining or woodcutting respectively) and go crazy on some Rocks or some Trees… That’s right, take your frustration out on that inanimate object because you are a lowly Merchant trying to make it in this cruel, cruel World.
If you are Mining, the Work Order will require Ingots (I.e. Copper Ingot/Iron Ingot , etc.) so before you can fulfill the Order, find a Smelter and double click it. A Smelting “window” will open and you simply drag the Ore from your pack to the smelting window , press the SMELT button and PRESTO- We have some Ingots.
NOTE: When mixing two types of Ore to make Unique Alloys (I.e. Copper and Coal makes Red Copper) you MUST place equal amounts of both Ores (I.e. 5 Copper and 5 Coal) or you will not be successful.
Next we drag the completed Ingots or Wood onto the actual work order itself  and it magically disappears INTO the Work order… I know little of this strange Magick and , yes, it frightens me- But it also frees up space in my pack so I just shrug my shoulders and say “its all good” and continue on my merry way. Questions concerning how these items magically merge themselves into the work order are best left to Philosophers and Scholars- And I am neither.
Now we go BACK to the same shop which issued this work order and (once completed) we can turn it in for XP and some Gold. THIS is how we level up.
Also note that the Work Orders are issued based on your skill in that particular Trade so eventually it is best to begin taking work orders from several skills so you level up more “evenly”. What I mean is that in very little time you will have 100 Mining Skill and will be forced to gain rarer materials to progress, its best to start Woodcutting at this point since the “jobs” will be easier and allow you to raise stats BEFORE going back to mining.
You may quickly notice that Blacksmithing and Carpentry have a very low max skill level and if you are inclined to take a peek at what you can Craft- Well…There isn’t much there.  That is because we take our society of Merchants/Crafters very seriously and like any good “secret society” we have levels of initiation which must be passed before allowing progression.
When ready to expand your Knowledge I would urge you to find a Mining/Woodcutting shop and talk to the proprietor. Ask about an Apprenticeship (its one of the options you will find while talking to him) and you will receive a “special” Work order. This acts very much like a standard Work Order but is more difficult and upon completion you will have the skill Cap raised by 25 points. 
Once you have added those skill points to the “new” maximum you will have better and more items available to craft.
Unlike a standard Work Order, these cannot be thrown away and a new one received with differing requirements. These are designed to test your skill and patience and thus even they are static (I.e. The same) no matter how many times you throw them to the ground and grab another.
Tools Of The Trade-
Let us take a moment to briefly discuss the Tools of our trade. These can be purchased from Shops throughout the Land or can be crafted from raw materials once you have the proper Skill level. Remember, the Tools you purchase will generally be of the most lowly quality and made with cheap grade materials and will have a far lower durability than those you craft on your own using better resources.
Pick Axe-  Must be equipped to mine into Mountains and rock.
Hatchet- A Hatchet is required to chop and gather wood
Blacksmith Hammer- Used in conjunction with an Anvil- Is required to work raw Ingots into Weapons and other crafts.
Carpenters Mallet- Used in conjunction with a Carpenters Workbench- Is required to work Wood into Weapons and other crafts.
Smelter- Used to smelt raw Ore into Ingots of varying quality.
Anvil- Necessary to utilize the Blacksmithing Skill. Must have a Blacksmiths hammer equipped . Stand close and double click the Anvil to bring up the crafting menu.
Carpenters Workbench- Necessary to utilize the Carpentry Skill. Must have a Carpenters mallet equipped. Stand close to and double click the Carpenters Bench to bring up the crafting menu.
Using better raw resources provides items with higher durability, higher attack/defense and lower speed penalty. It is always advisable to use the highest grade materials you can acquire. Certain Items will require both Wood and Metal to craft and using the best quality resource in BOTH categopries makes all around better items.
That said, here is list of Raw Materials in order of quality and rarity. Although I give the best places to gather these Materials, this is by no means a complete list of all places in which to find said resource.
Copper- The most readily available and easiest to found of all the ore. Found all over the Mountains close to Dragonhead Village, inside the Mines and in various other places throughout the land.
Iron-  Another fairly common material. Very plentiful in the Mountain near the Town of Ironforge, on floor 2 of the Dragonhead Mines and in various other places.
Red Copper- Red Copper is created by combining Coal with Copper in equal amounts and Smelting them together. 
Quicksilver- Quicksilver is created by combining Tin and Iron in equal amounts and smelting them together.
Platinum- A very rare Metal. Most plentiful on Floor 3 of the Dragonhead Mine. 
Emerald Platinum- Emerald Platinum is created by combining Emeralds and Platinum Ore in equal amounts and Smelting them together.
Ruby Platinum- Ruby Platinum is created by combining Rubies and Platinum Ore in equal amounts and smelting them together.
Sapphire Platinum- Sapphire Platinum is created by combining Sapphire and Platinum Ore in equal amounts  and Smelting them together.
Cedar- The most common Wood throughout the land is found Virtually everywhere there are Trees.
Maple- A bit less common than Cedar but also found relatively everywhere there are trees.
Oak-  A high quality Wood which is quite rare. Can be found in abundance across the river from the Maze on the Faycrest side.
Yew- The rarest of wood . Even this crafter has no idea where to find it. (Someone please tell me LOL)
Soft Hides- Found on slain animals. This includes Wolves, Deer, Cows etc.
Well  I certainly hope this Guide was useful to you and by following my advice you will find crafting to be a rewarding and highly profitable Trade. 
-Good Luck,
Geppetto Magistra

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