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Player's Guide
Leveling, Skills and Stats
Posted On: 1/8/2013 3:47 AM
Revised On: 7/26/2013 3:06 PM
By: Chris The Avatar

Fantasy Realm Online implements a very simple yet diverse leveling system to allow nearly infinate ways to develop and customize your character, making your character as unique as you want from other players. A character is defined by a class, a set of stats and skills.

Basics Stats

Your characters stats are divided into three areas, each area has two buildable status points that influence the core of your character and support the skills you choose for your character.

  • Physical
    • Strength: Primarily influences your character's HP, the amount of weight he can carry and a melee combat damage bonus.
    • Stamina: Primarily influences combat attack speed and the regain rate of HP. Stamina also minorly influences your chance to hit an opponent in combat and the amount of HP your character has.
  • Mental
    • Knowledge: Primarily influences the amount of MP your character has, how quickly you can cast spells, the amount of spells your spell book can hold and your resistance against magical spells. A certain amount of knowledge may also be required to cast some spells, craft some items or work with some resources.
    • Intelligence: Primarily influences spell damage for non-spiritual based spells and the regain rate for MP. Intelligence also provides a small amount of influence to magic resistance, chance to hit, and the amount of MP your character has. For merchants raising your intelligence can increase the quality of items you craft.
  • Spiritual
    • Faith: Primarily influences your success rate on most skills and non-skill based actions. Many spells may also require you have a certain amount of faith to cast them. Faith also minorly influences the amount of SP your character has.
    • Meditation: Primarily influences spell damage/effects of spiritual based spells, your ability to resist magical spells, and the amount of SP your character has.

All classes have the above status points though each class has different maximums for each status point as shown below:

Class Strength Stamina Knowledge Intelligence Faith Meditation
Barbarian 110 100 85 80 100 90
Knight 95 90 85 90 105 100
Ranger 90 100 90 95 100 90
Rogue 85 105 75 100 100 100
Wizard 85 70 105 105 100 100
Merchant 100 100 100 100 85 80

Each level you gain, you will receive 4 status points to assign (and 1 semi-random status point that is automatically assigned you called a guided point). You may assign status points to any area you want but may not assign points over the cap for your character class.

Your Character's Skills

Each class has a unique set of skills that they can select from for use. Each skill has an associated value with it that determines how good your character is at using a particular skill. Each skill has a limit or cap associated with it for your skill. The cap for a particular skill may be different for each character class. Most skills will cap out at 200 points especially your classes core skills. Non-core skills will generally cap lower than 200 though they may still prove to be effective.

The exception to this is what is referred to as closed skills. A closed skill is a skill that can only be raised through completion of a special task. Currently the only closed skills in the game are crafting skills (Blacksmithy, Carpentry, and Leatherworking are examples). These skills start with low caps on the merchant class character but can have their caps raised through the completion of apprenticeships (as described below).

All other skills in the game are what are called open skills as they do not require special tasks to have their caps raised.

Each skill must be used or activated in order to gain skill points in it. While using a skill you can monitor your progress in the status menu. You will also receive informational messages when you advance a skill a point. When you create your character you may have upto three skills selected. For every 10 levels you gain you may take on an additional skill. So at level 10 you may have 4 skills, at level 20 you may have 5 skills and so on...

The maximum level that may be reached is 92.

Skills can only be changed when you gain a level or once every 1.5 hours. When you change skills all your gained skill points will be kept however you will no longer be able to use that skill any longer.

How To Level Up!

Depending on the type of character class you choose, the way you build your character may be different but the one thing they share in common is all classes must gain experience to level their character.

Leveling as an adventure class character (Barbarian, Knight, Ranger, Rogue, Wizard)

An adventure class character can gain experience primarily in two ways.

  1. Fighting and defeating NPC enemies. Note that different enemies that you fight will generally reward experience relative to the difficulty of the creature being fought.
  2. Completing quests. In the same way as fighting npcs easy quests will yield lower experience than more difficult quests.

Leveling as a merchant class character

A merchant class character can also gain experience in a few ways but also must advance some of there skills in an alternate method:

  1. Completing Work Orders: Work orders are lists of crafts that an npc vendor assigns you. When all items on the list have been successfully filled. you can return the filled work order to the NPC vendor that issued it for an experience reward.
  2. Completing Apprenticeships: Apprenticeships are like work orders except that they are generally tougher to complete but offer max skill increases to crafting skills such as blacksmithy, carpentry and leatherworking as well as loads of experience.
  3. Successfully crafting items that you have a less than 50% chance of success on.


Monitoring your Experience

Upon completing one of the above you will gain a certain amount of experience. You can monitor your experience gains through the cyan bar at the bottom right hand side of the game menu:

When the bar fills up completely you will gain a level. Each time you gain a level you will be rewarded those precious skill and status points that you can assign in the status menu. The status menu can be opened by clicking the button shown below:


When you create your character you can make him/her more unique when you choose a homeland. Homelands can only be choosen at the time you create your character and cannot be changed. Each different homeland gives your character one or more stat cap bonuses and/or a skill cap bonuses.

Amulets and Magic Weapons/Armor

Amulets, Magic weapons and armor can also be found from combat spoils or hidden as treasures through out the world. These items will often offer boosts to stats and skills that will provide instantanious boosts to your character.

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