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HP, MP, SP and Hunger
Posted On: 1/8/2013 7:12 PM
Revised On: 1/8/2013 7:39 PM
By: Chris The Avatar

Like many other rpgs and mmorpgs Fantasy Realm Online uses points to track your life total and magic point total. Fantasy Realm Online also implements a unique set of points called spirit points. Each set of points and their purpose/uses are defined below.

  • HP (Hit Points): HP is a common term used that refer to your life total. When it reaches 0 your character dies in the game. When you die in Fantasy Realm Online you are taken to heaven's gate or the pit of hell based on your allegiance in the game (see Allegiances). After a few minutes of waiting for your spirit to rejoin your body, you can walk through a portal in either location and are taken back to the world of game play. You can raise your HP by putting status points into strength and stamina that you are rewarded from leveling your character. Note that as long as you feed your character your HP will slowly go back up. There are many items and skills in the game that allow you to instantly gain HP or increase the rate your HP is restored.


  • MP (Mind/Magic/Mana Points): MP is a common term used that refers to your Magic Points or Mind Points. Mind points allow your character to cast spells. Different spells may have a different Mind Point cost. Eventually if your mind points get to low you can no longer cast spells. Note that while many spells in Fantasy Realm Online only require MP, there are also just as many spells that require HP or SP in there cost. MP is slowly restored to your character over time but like HP there are many items that can allow you to instantly gain MP or increase the rate at which your MP is restored.  You can raise your MP by putting status points into knowledge and intelligence that you are rewarded from leveling your character.


  • SP (Spirit Points): Spirit points are unique to Fantasy Realm Online. Spirit points are another resource that many skills draw on, especially those skills associated with an allegiance. Spirit points can also be used for Spirit Gates that are found around the world that allow you to quickly travel between locations. Unlike HP and MP spirit points do not automatically regenerate over time, however some weapons can drain SP from opponents and add it to your SP, and higher Concentration skill can also enable you to regenerate spirit points.  You can raise your SP by putting status points into faith and meditation that you are rewarded from leveling your character.


  • Hunger: Hunger is another resource that you must keep in check in Fantasy Realm Online. If you do not feed your character eventually you will start to starve should your hunger bar go less than 20 points eventually leading to your death. Food can be found on some creatures and can also be purchased in taverns, inns and farms. You can also grow your own food with the Farming skill.

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