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Posted On: 1/6/2013 9:09 PM
Revised On: 1/6/2013 10:07 PM
By: Chris The Avatar

The farming allows you to grow fruits, vegetables, plants and elements called reagents that are needed for spells and alchemy.  Plants can be grown from seeds, sprouts and spores.

Each plant requires a certain amount of knowledge and skill to plant.

Faith and Stamina can increase your chance of successfully planting a crop.

Intelligence can increase your crop yields.


  • Rake: Most kinds of plants require you rake their seed into soil. Equip a rake and double click on seeds to work them into the soil.
  • Watering Can: Most kinds of plants also require you to water them after spreading them with the rake. Double click on the spread seeds to nurture them with water. Once a plant has been watered you can sit back and watch it grow until it is ready to harvest.
  • Sickle: Equip a sickle and double click on a plant to harvest it after it is fully grown. Note once an object has been harvested a harvested graphic will display and it will automatically be removed after a short while. Large objects such as trees/stalks can be "cut down" by double clicking on the tree again after harvesting. This will remove the tree to allow you to access crops you have planted behind them.

These tools can be purchased from any Farmer NPC vendor or made by a blacksmith/carpenter.


Most plants can be planted in planting soil (light orange brown soil). Although a few plants may require to be planted in a different area.

If seeds are not watered within a few minutes they will dry up (decay).

You may not harvest a plant or work with seeds that another player has planted.

Types of Plants:

Name Plant From Skill Required Knowledge Required
Corn Stalk Corn Seed 5 5
Onion Plant Onion Sprouts 15 5
Carrot Plant Carrot Sprouts 20 10
Potato Plant Potato Sprouts 30 10
Grain Plant Grain Seed 40 15
Garlic Plant Gralic Sprouts 50 20
Flowers Flower Seed 60 20
Orange Tree Orange Seed 70 25
Pear Tree Pear Seed 80 25
Apple Tree Apple Seed 90 25
Blood Root Plant Blood Root Sprouts 100 30
Willow Tree (Yields willow leaf) Willow Seed 125 35
Black Moss Growth Black Moss Spores 160 40

All seeds, sprouts and spores can be purchased from a Farmer NPC Vendor. Each will be priced differently.

Work Orders:

As other crafting skills are work orders are available for completion from Farmer NPC Vendors. To get work simply ask a farmer vendor about work and he will offer one to you.

Note: If the work order is undesireable to you, you can always drop the work order on the ground and ask them for another. (You can also do this to get multiple orders at a single time). 

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