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Posted On: 1/13/2013 4:36 AM
Revised On: 1/13/2013 4:49 AM
By: Chris The Avatar

Archery is a combat skill that has the distinct advantage of range. Different bows can be shot a different amount of tiles. Note that in order to fire a bow, your character must remain still for a short while though you may continue to move in between firing shots. Archery's disadvantage is that the damage base for weapons is slightly lower and armor is very effective in defending against archery damage.

Archery can be used by the following classes. Each class has a different skill cap:

Class Skill Cap
Ranger 200
Knight 125
Barbarian 100

While a player has the archery skill the following weapons can be equipped for use in fighting:

Weapon Equipable By Class Description
Short Bow Ranger, Knight, Barbarian Range: 4, Damage: 4 - 8
Bow Ranger, Knight, Barbarian Range: 6, Damage: 6 - 10
Long Bow Ranger Range: 8, Damage: 8 - 13
Crossbow Ranger, Knight Range: 3, Damage: 10 - 15

All bows require ammunitation such as arrows (for all bows but crossbow) and bolts (for crossbow). There are various types of arrows and bolts that are available to players to buy, find or craft with a Merchant class character. Below is a list of ammunition currently available.

Ammo Description
Arrow 1 - 2 Damage Bonus
Bolt 1 - 2 Damage Bonus
Serrated Arrow 2 - 3 Damage Bonus
Serrated Bolt 2 - 3 Damage Bonus
Diamond Tip Arrow 3 - 5 Damage Bonus
Diamond Tip Bolt 3 - 5 Damage Bonus

Note that ammunition must be equipped to your character to for use with a bow, having arrows in your pack and not equipped will not cause your character to fire.

Arrows and bolts can also be poisoned with the Poisoning skill to potentially poison an enemy in combat.

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