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Posted On: 5/17/2013 3:24 PM
Revised On: 5/17/2013 5:10 PM
By: Chris The Avatar

Alchemy allows players to brew potions and salves through the use of a Cauldron, reagents and recipes. This skill is only available to the merchant class character and can only be advanced by taking on apprenticeships from npc Alchemist shopkeepers.

Finding Recipes

Low level recipes can be bought from Scribes in town (generally scribes are found along side with alchemists in magic shops). Scrolls bought in town will already be decoded. Higher level alchemy scrolls must either be found in the world via monster loot or from treasure chests. Alchemy scrolls found must be decoded by a player who has the alchemy skill. Alchemy scrolls will look similar to spell scrolls except appear in a redish color as shown below:

The deocding process generally involves solving a word search like puzzle except you must find symbol patterns instead of words. Matches maybe made up, down, left, right, diagonal and found in reverse order. The higher the level scroll the harder the puzzle will be for you to decode. Below is a sample of what a puzzle may look like:

Cauldrons and Brewing

Cauldrons can be found in all alchemy shops. To use a cauldron you must first select a recipe from your recipe book (spell book button in the top right of your screen). Once you have selected a recipe then open (double click) the cauldron and add the ingredients required to the cauldron. Once you have the ingredients required you may click the brew button on the cauldron to make the recipe. There will be a chance of success/failure based on your characters alchemy skill, faith and the difficulty of the recipe.

You may brew multiple quantity sets at a time by doubling, tripling, quadroupling, etc...  the ingredients required. The quantity a specific recipe makes can be found in the recipe book. Note you are not guarenteed this quantity but this is a maximum amount of the brew you can get from one portion of ingredients. You can increase your chances of getting higher quantities by raising your Intelligence.

Cauldrons can also be purchased from most furnishers across the world and placed in a property.

Note: No bottles or jars are required for brewing at this time. We fealt this would require players to carry to many unnessecary objects around while adding little to the game. 

Recipe Table


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