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Posted On: 2/24/2013 8:51 PM
Revised On: 2/24/2013 8:51 PM
By: Chris The Avatar

Absorption provides a chance to reverse the damage done by an enemy and turn it into life at the cost of spirit points. Absorption usage can be toggled on or off by setting up a hot key. This skill is only obtainable by a player aligned with good.(Affected by: Faith, Meditation)

Your chance to absorb damage from something is ultimately determined by your skill level in Absorption and the number of points your character has invested in Faith.

Meditation can significantly increase the effeciency of this spell in the number of spirit points it takes to reduce damage and in the amount of life that is returned to your character.

This skill is available to the following classes:

Class Skill Cap
Barbarian 100
Ranger 100
Rogue 200
Wizard 100


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