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Title: Global Elite (Bankers) Control Obama!



Please kindly watch this entire video in full and understand why your life is more and more difficult!

This is " The End Game " = They either win (1% Plutocrats/oligarchs) OR us (99% slave labour workers of thier fake economies)!

WARNING!  Please take this seriously!  Most Americans are NOT paying attention to how bad things are getting!



UPDATE: October 10, 2013: The Koch Brothers (billionaires) are responsible for our dismantled constitution and dysfunctional government.  They have entire comitees created too change everything about our political, economic and social programs for the WORSE.  Please kindly do you own research and find out how you can STOP them from ruining the United States Of America.

One of thier major goals is getting rid of minnimum wages.  That' crazy!  That would lead to chaos because companies would pay americans dirt cheap or nothing at all just to work! That would turn our beautiful country into a desparate North Korea like environment. 

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