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Title: Bit Coins: New Way To Pay For Game Content

Hello Everyone,

Oneday this game might also introduce the FREE monetary system called Bit Coins! (these digital coins are being used for payment in game game content all over the world wide web)

After a 15 minute attempt/setup of my account: I received my very first payment! after watching a few videos on various websites! You will not be disappointed! It really works! 

Little Website I Made:

Peer-To-Peer Money Trading System!
No Central Banks Controlling Your Efforts!
1.) Earn Coins By Working For It
2.) Earn Coins By Selling Anything You Want
3.) Earn Coins By Betting / Investing Coins
4.) Earn Coins By Saving 
5.) Earn Coins By Affiliate Resource Sharing

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Title: Re: Bit Coins: New Way To Pay For Game Conten

Purity I appreciate you sharing this however this is borderline advertising. If you want to post future content similar to this or want to share a new way to pay content online please email us first at


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Title: Re: Bit Coins: New Way To Pay For Game Conten

Would It Be Ok If I Promoted A Business Of Mine To Help Raise Money For This Game?

Perhaps I could send $20 In Donations To Your Game For Every 10th Person That Contributes To My Business.

Please let me know what you think.  I really like this game and thought perhaps the money could go to future map expansion just like runescape and perhaps eventually playes can choose where to place the player owned homes / buildings. Unless, of course, you already have a superb budget for all of this.

What exactly can the "Off Topic" section be for then?  I thought this was an area that players could go to talk about anything they wanted without getting in the way of the game just incase it wasn't relevant enough.  My appologies, please clariy.

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