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Title: [Suggestions/Bugs] Mr. Gentleman


Long time no see ^_^

I haven't been playing for a few months but I kept track of the things you were updating. I'm glad to see the game getting better each patch.

I just figured I'd point out a few things I feel could be better/added/changed. I'll update this post as I go along to keep everything nice and organized. However, I think you're doing a pretty shibby job all by yourself.



Windows:  I know some windows (Like the item bags) can be closed by right clicking but could we do that with the other windows like the options/stats? Right clicking has no effect on them so it'd be neat to quickly exit out of them when needed.

Hotkeys: Could hotkeys be made to open stats/bag/ect. instead of automatically going into chat? We could just press enter to start chatting and enter to submit or esc to cancel the message. Yes, I am too lazy to keep clicking the buttons.

Mouse Icons:  When looting or interacting with some objects, the cursor remains a sword of a staff. Could there be a hand icon for objects that clicking on them would move/info them? I think it would make it more obvious how to interact with certain things.

Avatar Background:  Fully black avatar on a unarmored character shows a few beige pixels, I'm guessing colored avatars would have the same issue.

Avatar Background:  I made a wizard and gave him all black clothes but they match the black background of the avatar frame so it looks like his hands and head are just floating. Maybe add some sort of backdrop to negate that?

Dungeons: When I click and hold on my mini-map, I can actually move the entire game screen. Not the game window, but the actual game is moved past the borders of the actual game window. I don't think I should be able to do that.



Pathing: Any way for the avatars to try their best to reach the cursor all the while by walking around obstacles such as trees, bushes, and walls? Right now, they just run in a straight line and often get caught in something making movement a bit of a hassle and difficult in 1x1 square areas.

Swamp: The swamp is basically a simple terran swap which is kinda disapointing. In my opinion, you could make it so the swamp actually sinks you, mobs sprout from the mud, and have lots of wild growth to darken/hide the safe-path around.  I think that would make a more actual swamp than simply another area to walk on. It's also a tad small, I think, for a swamp.



Swinging: I think the battles could go a bit faster, as they do take a lot time early on. Once you get some decent hit rate, it's not so bad but until then, it can be a chore looking at your character swining and missing ten times in a row.  A higher initial hit rate would be better but then again it depends on how the math would affect everything else.

Aiming: Now, when I was playing my mage, I noticed that you can target yourself >.> I'm sure that makes perfect sense but there's no indication of what you are targeting. I thought I was aiming at the enemy but apparently I was still on myself (Mob was covered by my avatar mostly). Maybe you could make it so the object we aim at highlights? Not the entire mob but just the edges of the body. I think that'd be a lot of help. Or, have a  "Auto-Cast" option so spells go off instantly on the current auto-attacking mob.

Logging Out: In battles, you could just log out if you find yourself in danger of dying. An ally could clean up the mob/player and you could safely relog. If no allies, just wait a few minutes and hope the player/mob moved away.  Could we make it so your character remains logged in the game even after you logout/exit for 1-2 minutes if they are not in a safe zone?



Poison: I noticed you have a poison resistance state, which is useful, but the problem is more the length of the poison. Unless you have a cure poison spell (Or an antidote.. think I saw some), low level players will pretty much have to retreat and die from it.  It's either too long, at lower levels at least, or the damage is too high, at lower levels. At higher levels, there's less of a problem but the thing is, poison is the first debuff a player will come across (Zombies at Dragonhead) and I'm pretty sure there's a low survival chance from it. Considering it takes forever at that point to kill anything, the last thing you need is a constant DoT that nearly wipes you out. If anything, make poison resist could lower it's duration?

Light Buff: Is light supposed just to be a blue glow for your character? It doesn't seem to exactly eminate any actual light in darkness. Maybe it's not meant to help you see far but more help you spot your character? Then again, the caves and undergrounds don't even require a torch to see well enough.



Dungeons: It's great that we can see the areas (I know I've played some MMOs so hard I actually memorized every single wall and torch >.>) but it kinda kills the exploration aspect inside dungeons. Overworld is fine, I think, as it makes sense that you can see far or have a knowledge/map of the area.  However, in dungeons, maybe mini map could be blacked out until you explore that specific part or have a mob/treasure drop a map the reveal the mini-map. Like that, there's still exploration and advanced players won't have to memorize areas as much. Just a though.

Dungeons: Mini-map is now a lighter color, as if highlighted, and you can see the black outlines of the map limits. This began when the update got installed.


Item Info

Left Click: I often find amulets and when I left click them all it says is the weight and the name. Did I miss something or is there no way to have a window/tooltip that accurately describes the effects? I kinda dislike equiping and requiping and manually noting the differences. I'm sure most of them are rather obvious at what they do but it'd be nice to know my items better.

Stealing: When I am stealing, it says whether I succeeded or not.  Anyway for it telling us what we succeeded in stealing? I do my best to keep my inventory tidy but it gets real messy when I'm out burning and pillaging.



Length: Long messages are a bit of a bother as you need to highlight them to get them to scroll. Could it be possible to just make it jump down to the next line? It'd make messages easier to read and faster as well.



Spark: Playing my lowbie mage, I had him cast Spark and overhead during the cast, it said 'Flam'. Unless that's on purpose, shouldn't it be 'Flame'?



Suggestions: Could we one day have an actual suggestion forum? It would keep it all nicely organized and I'm sure you do at least listen (From my experience) to what the players are thinking or wondering about.

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Title: Re: [Suggestions/Bugs] Mr. Gentleman

Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions. I am going to review these in detail, I have skimmed through some of them.

I want to read them and offer responses once I am finished with the current patch. One I can address now is: There is currently a logout timer of 3 minutes from the time you logout anywhere.





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Title: Re: [Suggestions/Bugs] Mr. Gentleman

Awesome ^_^

I'll be adding things then and now when I find them.

I missed you tonight :(
You said hey but I was watching RPing so I didn't notice someone was talking to me on Moon Haven >.>

Oh wells, some other time.


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