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Title: Character creation and Progression bugged?

hey there, just started to play the game the other day and noticed some huge errors as soon as i created my first character (a merchant).

according to the latest patch notes you're supposed to be able to assign some stat points at character creation, well, you can't

once ingame i got greeted by a message about having chosen an adventurer class character (well, i chose merchant)

i didn't think much about it though and started with some mining and after reading the merchant guide i decided it would be for the best to start with raising strenght to increase my yield per mining try but well, i'm at 30+ strenght now and still only get a single ore per hit.

all in all i've tcome to the conclusion that i'll open a topic on here to get some actual facts instead of misleading and apparently way outdated informations before deciding if i'll keep playing or not (i mean even the latest update news is apparently outdated or outright wrong)

don't get me wrong though, it's not like just want to vent and leave, i actually want to stay, if the game is at least halfway playable and i can get some leads to how the mechanics actually work


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