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Title: Several Typos and Improvements

For the past few days, I noticed that there was several typos in the system messages that need to be fixed. Here are the following:

Typo: The inventory tab for Tools is improperly labeled as "TooLs"

Typo: The message before you hit 30/100 on the hunger bar states that, "You are getting very hungery"

Typo: The message for getting rewarded gold for either one of the quests or a job states that "You are rewarded (XX amount) gold peices"

Typo: Healing Salves description contains the typo, "Requries"

Improve: The arrow's description is simply, "Ammunition, Arrow", while the bolt's description elaborate.

If you could improve on these issues, then I will not only be thankful, but it will improve the game's quality on its behalf and I believe the community would appreciate these changes as well.



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Title: Re: Several Typos and Improvements

Thank you for reporting these, all points are valid other than the tools tab is just the font we use prefers to signify lower case ls in that way. We will fix these as soon as we can though since we have limited time/resources to address issues, typos like this can fall to the wayside but we do try to update them as players report them. 

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Title: Re: Several Typos and Improvements

I never noticed the healing salve typo but now i know its there i have to admit my game satisfaction is severely dimished until that is taken care of. On a more serious note, Apples are worth 8 food, the same as a POTATOE. Have you ever eaten a potatoe ? These kind of mistakes are KILLING my love for the game.


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