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Title: Error when creating/selecting character

So, I am like new to this.
And I think it looks cute somehow, so I wanted to try it.

But I can't actually play because when I try to enter the game I get this message

Can like anyone help me? I am totally stuck :(

I have windows 7 thingie

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Title: Re: Error when creating/selecting character

Hrmm... looks like something failed to patch right. You have two options:

1. Use the trouble shooting tab on the game launcher to reset your content patches. (Also never close the patcher during the apply step, At the download step its ok but not at the apply step)

2. Follow the instructions below (this will be faster but requires a little bit of tech knowledge):


Download the following zip file:

its 423 megs probably 1/2 - 3/4 size of all the patches combined...

After you have the file downloaded you will need to do the following:

1. Open the root of your fantasyrealmonline directory (likely c:\program files(x86)\fantasy realm online)

2. Open the content directory in the root folder...

3. rename the Moon Haven Folder to Moon Haven _Back (This if things dont go well)

4. Unzip the downloaded file

5. Copy the Moon Haven Folder to the content directory (make sure your zip extractor program didnt nest it in additional folder... directly in the Moon Haven Folder should be content, patches and previews folders)

6. Run the client patcher

7. You should only need 1 content patch which is very small.

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