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Title: Selling and Trading and Buying

Selling, trading, buying amulets lvl 5  ( + 25 )

        Looking for + 25 ( Heavy Amor),  +25 (Sheild) +25 (poisining), +25 (Swords) Amulets. Paying big, or trading straight up.

        Looking for any Legendary (+25)  weapon or piece of armor. paying big. or trading.

         Selling red dragon scales 20 gp (gold pieces) a pop, up to (10,000)

Looking for Ring   -4 sp per spell + mp gain chance +3  80 % ,

  Looking for Ring     mellee damage reduction -4,   magical damage reduction -4

Looking for Staffs or Wands--- (Engraved) ----  (Summon Fariy) --- (Super Natural Storm) (Lightning Bolt)

Will be selling alchemy scrolls very soon. :)

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Title: Re: Selling and Trading and Buying

i know this is really old but... Can wands/staves even BE engraved with SNS? 

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Title: Re: Selling and Trading and Buying

Yes, etched

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Title: Re: Selling and Trading and Buying

Buy Total Restoration Alchemy Scroll (Level 5) msg me ingame

Last Edited: 1/10/2014 6:57 AM


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