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Title: Page: targeting problem
ratman etc. walk up and I dont target them. I keep clicking on them and nothing is happening. after a while and im almost dead then finally Ill attack. Am I doing something wrong? It wasnt like this yesterday or the day before.

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Title: Re: Page: targeting problem

As long as you have a weapon equipped it should work. Are you just double clicking the ratment or are you pressing tab and then trying to target the ratment... Either way should work for you. If you are using the tab method via target try pressing the number on the keyboard that appeasr beside his name while your target is up, this makes it easier to attack moving targets.


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Title: Re: Page: targeting problem

Are you at a place with more than one Ratmen? Because if you're relying on your character to auto-attack, he may get himself killed. Ratmen will try to flee when on low hp, so if one flees and you're targetted onto him, you will not auto-target anything else thats attacking you.


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