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Will this game expand and continue?
Or will it just remain a test and never get a bigger map and a full player base. I would love to support this game and pay money to help its dev but i am worried about its future. this is a good game and reminds me of the true days of gaming. I just wont to know is this just a test for your game engine or will it be a game that you will support too??

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I have also sent this response to your email but for everyones benefit:

Hi Ninet (inserect),


Thank you for your game page and your concern. Our server is no longer in a  "test" mode, sure we are still developing it and not all functions are complete yet. but we will not be wiping the data and we are constantly expanding the world and adding new features all the time. Just check our News history for evidence of that. While no game runs forever we intend on running our game for the foreseeable future. We have been up and running to the public for nearly 2 years now and have much invested in the game.


Regardless of any online game you play there is always risk of discontinuation from external circumstances the same is true in our case but for what we can foresee there are no circumstances currently that would cause our service to be discontinued.


When we originally started work on the engine back in 2002/2004/2006 we had the intention of developing only an engine and making it available to the public. This is a daunting task in itself and is not our focus at this time. The engine may one day become available for sale but that would be years down the road from where we are now as running a mmorpg is enough work in itself.


We are a small company and cant nearly move as quickly as a company that can dedicate all day every day to full time development. We have primary jobs that we use to help fund development of the game and spend many of our nights and weekends making it all possible.


In regards to your comments on player base. We have not begun to advertise heavily yet, simply because we want to polish things a bit more (in terms of ui, help and quests) before advertising to the masses. I personally believe you get one shot at attracting a player to a game and if their first 30 -45 minutes of play aren't enjoyable then they leave and never come back.


Well I hope this addresses most of your concerns.  Please let me know if you have other questions or concerns. I will address them as best as I can.


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