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Title: Bug

While i was playing on my rouge I noticed that when i equiped a torch to my left hand ( in my right there was a short sword ) there was nothing in my there. It still provides extra lighting.



Sorry the wording was kind of bad haha, let me reexplain. Ok so I dragged the torch from my inventory bag to my character's left arm while weilding a short sword in my right. The image of the torched showed on the spot where i equiped it but not in the actual game ( as in the character you move around ). I just wanted to see me weilding a torch and short sword while i ran around ha. I hoped this clears what I ment up.








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Title: Re: Bug

i am aware if it is in your alt-left hand then it will still shed light. Are you saying you have no torch equipped and it is still yielding light?

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Title: Re: Bug

I think he expected the torch to equip in his left hand when he put it on.

The torch doesn't take up your shield spot. It takes up the "alt" spot that's underneith your character.

Hope this helped. :)


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