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Title: Updated Suggestions

**I notice I have too many posts in here so for now on my future suggestions will go in here.**

1.) I was hoping for a way to more specifically tell the damage, casting time, and succes rate of a spell. In stead of it saying things like small, moderate, or large do this:


2.) Spells that increase along with your skill level should adjust acordingly when presenting it's damage. For example if you have 35 mundane magic then you spend you points to put it at 50 your shock spell should then go up from 5 to something like 6+.


3.) Adding elemental damage damage would be a cool aspect. This could go from from frost damage slows you or gives you frost bite and deals damage over time. Of course each hit is not a 100% chance of it but maybe a 10% and if you upgrade the spells school? (ex: mundane magic) then it's effectiveness would then increase.


4.) There was another suggestion for skill relocation, but i didn't think it really went into what im thinking. At level 20 or something you could gain the ability to accept a quest where you go and kill a boss and it drops a potion that resets your skills and character points and lets you redecide what you want.This would be insanly helpful because almost everyone regrets puting a point in something. Also you could add it to a cash shop to gain some money.


5.) Enhacing i was think it could be more.I mean that merchants could enhance weapons more than just once ( Although every class can make it enhanced by one ). Merchants could go out and find materials ( Ores ) and then bring them to an anvil to make the superior. 


6.) Enchanting: enchanting weapons would be lots of fun and would have more customization to each player. One idea for this is a player could go out and collect gems ( ex: fire stones ) , Or they could kill certain monsters to get Essence ( Say you kill a yeti then you get a frost essence).After you get some other kind of gem, maybe a gem like container. Once you have everything you need you bring it to a wizard/ Enchanter and have them make the weapon for you. I hope this picture gives a little clearer idea.



7.) Mounts : you could add abunch of pets/mounts so that traveling would be easier. This would also make a great addition to the cash shop by adding special mounts. Mounts could then get it's own attribute ( ex: snake mount is an attacking one that poisons, as a horse mount it's is a movement mount, also a yak/camel would be a cargo mount ( mainly one for merchants to travel from town to town selling.)


8.) question/ potential bug: I was told that enhancing can change the name of a equipment/weapon ( ex: enhancing a boot makes it boot of frost) although it only makes it have more defence/damage. When i enhanced my magical staff it only increased the damage, im wondering if it was supposed to change in anyway.

9.) Im sure this has been posted plenty of time but im going to do it anyways.Not being able to move people/monsters is quite annoying.Although it makes a horde spawning an actual challenge thers still a downside.For pvp a team of people could basically kill any one. Heres a picture as an example. Even excluding this you could have someone sit in a door way to a shop making it impossible to get items.















10.) I'd like to see a way to know how many people are online. The only way i know how is to log in : / but also a way to tell who is on without having them as friends would make things much easier.



11.) Instead of having to meet up with someone, you could type in their name and it would send a request to them.

12.) Bug: First of all when you equiped a torch to your hand it dosnt show ( i said this in another post this is a picture of both these problems). Secondly, I notice that only when you equiped the torso armour does it actually show. Im sure chris knows of this but he just hasn't added the image for the individuals.Just in case though heres a picture showing the torch, boots, and gloves showing nothing in game. ( the helmet does show an image when equipped.



13: Bug: I purchased Three short swords went to the enhance tab. I fortified all then then went to sharpen them. I clicked rapidly and clicked after they had all been sharpened then i got this error message and was disconected.



14.) Possible Bug: I was killing Orcs above the castle city. I died from starvation as i had a orcs dead corsp bag on screen, after this i came back and started looting my body ( i noticed i had  satchel), but i was attacked by a group of orcs and died again. I again went back but my old body was gone. I looted my recently killed body and had two satchel. I opened them and i have my inventory from my first body and the orc's corpse inventory. Im not sure if this is on purpose or the game's confused and is thinking i had a satchel so it put the other bags in mine.

15.) Enemys should have a maximum distance that they will hunt you down, i was thinking after 25 blocks they should go back to their spawn or just depends on the enemy. Another thing dealing with this would be that the should have a lower range which they spot you from. Let me clarify, ok so at the moment they will attack when you on the same screen as them or at least thats how i feel. I was thinking around 10 blocks would be a good distance, also this could defer from each enemy.






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