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Title: Skills reallocations

Any chance you can redesign the way looseing skills work. It cost 5 points to loose and another 5 points to learn a skill. You loose 2/3rds of a level if you decide to trade one skill for another. It may not seem much of a hinderance but if you think about it you can't even out to the people who didn't make a mistake unitll your level 101, so if you loose a skill to get another you basically sacrificing 20k xp (or what ever 2/3rds of lving from 100 to 101)... thats a lotttttttt of grinding and time.

Maybe loosing a skill you gain all the skill points back and loose an entire level or you have to wait a day or couple of them to be able to reuse those skill points. Or maybe just do a quest that cost a lot of coin and time to do something.

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Title: Re: Skills reallocations

This was placed in a couple of patches ago , you no longer lose points when dropping a skill, only when adding a new skill you had not previously had,


Thanks for feedback.


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