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Title: Buff Bar and durability listings

Any chance we can see a buff bar on the main screen to see what buffs we have. Icons arn't really needed just what +stats we are currently gaining from buffs (probably to the right of the transparency button).


Also any chance we can see the durability and charges of our weapon (maybe armor too) probably some where above the hp bar. I can just click on my items now to see the durability/charges but when I start using magical items that I greatly fear if they break it would be nice just to look some where at the screen to make sure nothing is under 30ish durability.

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Title: Re: Buff Bar and durability listings

Yes I agree, I like this idea, we will likely do something of the sort with status information for equipment/character.

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Title: Re: Buff Bar and durability listings

Bump, I would definitely like to see this feature added. Knowing when buffs on myself are dropping would be extremely helpful, especially when the stronger buffs can't be spammed because of the excessive cost of mana and reagants.


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