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Title: Max stat change


So at the moment after the change of all classes accually beeing the same and the classes much more beeing a guideline for new people, the stats are pretty dumb. 
Right now you can max out 5/6 stats to 100. I think an increase for this to either 150 or 200 or something in between will make you able to do specific builds. Insted of beeing all 100 in nearly all stats, this way people can max out intellect to 150-200 and have lower in others, making them a real wizard who is accually better at what he do then others.

What do others think?

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Title: Re: Max stat change

I think 150 is fair, you cant really screw up since all the stats are still useful for one thing or the other, could also change the way some stats work with some skills, and the requirements of certain spells. Something like Summon Water Elemental for example would definitely require a Knowledge investment; since summoning could really be its own line of magic or hybridization but a Mage would want Knowledge just to buff his spells anyways. Could change the requirements to have faith/medition for some spells.

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Title: Re: Max stat change

I like the way Khor put it. I say give us some room to specialize.

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