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Title: Bounty Hunter


So we have the "bounty" tasks where we can talk to an NPC and get a quest/task to kill some monsters for money, but how about pushing it further? Heres my brainstorm

To start off, we should have different difficultys some NPC should give lower grade, some middle, some higher.

Bounty Difficultys
-Easy - This could involve all the newbie monsters, where we all start out with a new character
-Medium - medium tierd mobs
-Hard - hard mobs but not the biggest. 
-Elite - here we should see dragons, angels, demons, griffins. and those of the highest at the moment

So what will this earn us? How about a currency? 

Each task we complete gives us 1 token, Easy task give Easy token, medium gives medium token and so on. This way a reward from the Hard tier wouldent be purchasable when only doing easy tasks. 

what to buy with this? well for some less expensive stuff

-Bags of different goods, regents, potions, minerals, enchant material.
-Furniture, how about a nice trophie of the head of your deadly foe? the wings of an angel. 
-new fancy chests and interior design, new chars, tables, praintings, torches. 

And for the real use of tokens. Capes!

we have capes but they dont fulfill much, so how about capes that gives stats, we all want to get stronger.
-easy cape, +5 to a specific stat
-medium cape, +10 to a specific stat
-hard cape, +15 to a specific stat
-elite cape, +15 to 2 stats

buying a cape could give you the stat at random.
The capes could also have different designs.

Now what about when you die with a cape on you, well working hard to buy one and someone else kills you and grabs it, i dont think a hard worked item like this should be usable buy another character. Maybe the capes could be character locked, or account locked, that way on the pvp server, It could be used as a bargain for other items or money. 

With all this added it would be possible for another Achivement
Complete 20 easy task, 30 medium, 30 hard, and 10 elite.
Title: Bounty Hunter
Buff from title: +5 damage to your current bounty you have.

Now i also thought as the current system you can just discard your task and get a new one. that way you could just request untill you get a monster you like, so a time limit, abandon a task wont let you accept a new one untill 2 hours later in real life time. That way you might consider doing the task you feel was boring or hard, as you could finish it within the 2 hours and get a new one. 

Whats everyone else oppinion to this? Let the comments flow!



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