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Title: Stackable throwing daggers

I really don't like having 60 daggers in my weapons tab taking up 60 slots. My suggestion is to have a stackable throwing dagger with slightly different stats from a regular dagger. In my opinion this addition would increase the enjoyment of using the throwing skill for my rogue, it would not unbalance game play, and it would provide a cheaper but less deadly alternative to daggers. I also think that the archery targets should be usable for the throwing skill because you are working on the techniques of throwing more accurately just like archers are working on the aiming techniques for their weapons.

The example I have here is just a dumbed down Copper Dagger. It costs half as much as a copper dagger and does half the damage. The idea is to carry a lot of them and throw like crazy using a macro. Since it is a dagger specifically crafted for throwing (ie. different type of handle and/or blade) you should be able to throw them more often (I just started using the throwing skill and I don't know if the speed scales with the skill level).

You can scale up the stats listed here based on quality and material type (I don't craft and I don't know how that stuff works). You could also use the existing dagger graphics/images and simply add another identifier (throwing) to the name of the item.

Dagger (Copper, Throwing)

Weight: 0.50

Worth: 2gp                      Type: Weapon

Description: Weapons can be equipped by players for use in combat. Each weapon requires a weapon skill in order to use it.

Weapon Skill: Throwing

Damage Type: Swords? Arrows?

Equipable: Cannot be equiped

Durability: N/A, Single Use

Attack Range: ??? Further than you can throw a regular dagger but not as far as a bow???

Can Be Thrown: Yes

Total Damage: 1-2

Dual Wielding: No (unequipable)

Fortified: N/A

Poison Skill: 10

Speed Penalty:0

Throw skill required: 10

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