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Title: The Wizard Overhaul

I'm thinking this is going to need to happen. The current DPS/sustainability of the wizard class is just out of sync. Right now if you want to level a wizard, you farm Summoning and let your minions kill for you. 

But this isnt so much about leveling as it is being a high level wizard with no gear, almost all equal level mobs are too hard to fight without hit and run and many mana potions, or just using SNS/Hellfire. Fighting Giants on a Mage will just be them using SNS/Hellfire, because nothing else is mana efficient, they will dry. Griffins would be even harder.

Without adjusting their damage, Staves/Wands could influence mana regen so mid-range spells like Holy Bolt or Fireball could be spammed efficiently (small damage nerf to those?) and Dark Bolt/Lightning Bolt/DarkFlux and stuff could cost more mp but get a small buff. Or just darkbolt/flux, a White Mages survivability is way higher than a Black Mages offense. BM's dont even get a passive skill to Toggle like Absorb, but making the BM do a lot more damage might be too much so im thinking they could use more Mana sustain, like a skill that lets him leech HP or MP when casting any damage spell.

Leather armor should also give some kind of advantage, like robe/hat gives magic resistance and a little regen. Basically Wizards need to scale with equipment, like other classes, or they'll be forced to using the same gimmick to combat everthing (pet + SNS/Hellfire)

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Title: Re: The Wizard Overhaul

Ok im thinking Armor should randomly have special properties like necklaces and rings do. Right now almost no armor is worth keeping, even Legendary Platinum of Fire armor is inferior to Ruby Adamantium (which is also plentiful), but if it had bonus stats/skills then random armor could totally compete with crafted. This is especially important for Wizards that have no crafted armor.

Leather armor/robes/hats offering Mp regen, -mp cost, -sp cost, +mag dmg, +max int, stuff like that, would help mages scale better through the leveling peroid. The goal would be that mages could cast their mid-range spells much more frequently for general threats and the stronger spells would be mostly for pvp/dangerous situations. 

A mage in few -mp cost items could cost HolyBolt/Fireball for a long time but Lightning Bolt/DarkBolt could be tweaked to cost more so they'd still only have 5-6 shots of this before a long regen peroid. A pure mag dmg set would probably be OP for burst damage, or DoTs, maybe spells could have a cap on damage.

I think for Leather Armor or whatever wizards will be wearing, the maximum it could have would be +3mp 70% regen OR -3mp cost, +10 to a stat OR 20 to a skill, -3sp cost OR +1 magic damage. This is ontop of Legendary/Resistance/material.

That way even with boots/gloves/chest/hat, its a total of +4 magic dmg, equal to one good ring.

Heavy armor could have its own set too, stats would still be random and up to 10 like on leather but instead of mp regen and mp cost it would be HP regen and -melee damage, and maybe a chance of +1-5% armor values, then high quality armor could totally compete with crafted stuff.


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