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Title: golem crafting for merchants

Golem crafting for merchant would add a summons option to merchant but would cost the merchant resorces.

This might also allow mechants to go out and adventer a little like the other adventure classes.

There would be three types of golems wood, flesh, and ingot.

three sizes small (dog or puppet), medium (man or woman), and large (like the elementals).

small would cost 10+ wood, leather, or ingots. medium 20+, large 40+

you would also need reagents and gems to craft them (maby potions run the golem like fule) explosion potion 1 run 1 game day or something.

if the golem got damaged you would need to use resorces to repair it back to full hp, like rparing tools, wepons and armor. you would need your smith hammet, carpenters mallet, or skining knife equipt as well to repair wood, flesh or ingot golem.

Wood golem would shoot arrows and bolt, flesh would have whip like attacks, and ingots would be tanks.

maple wood golem ; shoots arrows, small short bow, medium size bow, and large do long bow damage.

ceder wood golem : serated arrows, small size use short bow, medium / bow, and large long bow.

oak wood golem ; bolts, small use maple cross bow , med ceder and large oak.

yew wood golem ; serated bolts, small / ceder, medium / oak, and large yew crossbow damage.

Tinkermee wood golem ; chain gun like ammo of arrow or bolts you need to keep it supplied (yes can fire dimond tiped ammo if you suply it dimond tiped), must use all types of wood to craft and be nutrale aliment.

thin leather golem ; thin whip damage and range maby dual wield for medium and large.

Thick leather golem ; thick leather whip dmage and range maby dual wield medium and large

snake skin golem ; snake leather whip damage and range also poison 1 for small, posion 2 for medium, and posion 3 for large.

Bone golem ; thin whip damge and range for 1-2 life drain for small, thick whip dmg and 2-3 life drain for medium, bone whip dmg and 3-4 life drain for large. (maby need to be evil to make)

Dragon skin Golem ; dragon skin whip damage and fire damage on hit 3-4 small, 4-6 medium, 6-9 large.

Tinkermee flesh golem : use all leather types frankinstine like and does best whip damage, fire, posion, and drain life. Must be evil to craft.

all ingot golems have hp do mace damages and have full armor like splint, chain, scale or plate.

The avatar Golem ; uses all ingots. has best mace damage wilds best shield and armor, uses restore skill and defend skill. can only be crafted by good.

I think golems would be cool to add to the game in the future.

Thanks Tinkermee :)

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Title: Re: golem crafting for merchants

Thanks for the post, I think this is a great idea.

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Title: Re: golem crafting for merchants

Hm i guess it comes down to, is it a better idea than merchants having their own adventurers to equip and command ? I'd only support the Wood, Bone, and Flesh golems, since those could be added as actual mobs to the game, the rest seem like too much effort for too little effect. Just give them Obsidian or Adamantium golems as a late game pet but only TWO golems at a time, those golems are very powerful. Give it a level requirement too, dont need level 29 merchants with powerful golems. Two obsidian golems might wreck a dragon though.


Maybe gem themed golems? Give diamonds a use.

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