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Title: Necromancy suggestion.

Ok so now that Blight maxed his necromancu (240 with necklace) we've been able to figure some stuff out.  Now, Summoning is its own skill tree so understandably is moer powerful than the sub-summoning bit of Necromancy, but the erratic nature Necromancer summons can make them useless (especially with no ability to dismiss them)

So the suggestion is as follows.

1. Raise Undead. Still summons random zombies, but summons the maximum number all at once, so you can instantly summon four but they'll be random.

2. Animate Bones. Since this requires a body to even use, this should gurantee the highest tier you can handle, no random.

Now both spells are more useful and distinct, for different situations.

Also maybe more spells. 

As far as the summons go, Blight cant seem to see if having 240 necromancy is any better than 200.

Maybe some kind of bone wall spell, like how white magic gets a paraylze wall but this is just a single block and can be smashed? 

A 'darkness' spell that creates a little bit of fog that blocks LOS but is passable would be cool too. Probably for BM.

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