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Title: weapon skill and npc vendor

1. Weapon Skill

wish there was special effect when weapon skill is mastered.

something like below


15% chance to proc when weapon skill is mastered. (200+)

Sword: Bleed (7~10 dmg tick for certain period of time)

Axe: Critical hit (200%~250% weapon dmg)

Mace: Stun

Bow: root or knockback

Whips and Flails: Slow or AOE dmg


2. NPC vendor for player

for easy trading with other players, wish i could hire a npc vendor

that stays by door of my rented house.

so i can put gold on it to automatically buys material from others

or i can sell my crafted items whether im online or offline.


3, Following key

with multi-client, many ppl play with their alt,

so it will be easier to walk around if there was follow key to follow other character.


just my thoughts 

thank you for reading.


ps. dragon respawns too fast, cant even open chest even if dragon drops key.


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Title: Re: weapon skill and npc vendor

The weapon mastery skill thing is already planned. Critical hit on axes would be way too strong, as it is they are the 'best' melee weapon, so they should get a Cleave for splash damage instead of getting any more 1v1 damage.

I dont think there are any 'slows' but a snare chance for whip/flail would be cool.


Dont like the following thing, multi-clienting is pretty cheap and anything that makes it easier is just bad, people using macro's already

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Title: Re: weapon skill and npc vendor

We have some special abilities planned for mastering weapon skills (there actually pretty far a long but want them to feel right for the game :-)). I agree with Khor about Axe, really axes already do tons of damage and with the Adrenaline skill they do even more. So I think letting them do even more would be way over the top. I really like the knock back idea for a bow... I think that is a great idea.

For #2... This is something that will get done. We have it on the KS list of items. If that should fail it will still get done just not as fast.

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