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Title: Pre-made level 20 characters in Market

Does anyone think it would be too disruptive to sell pre-made level 20 characters in the market for $10-$20? My thoughts are that this would give new players and current players alike a way to experience different classes in slightly more viable state if they chose to spend the cash in the Market, while supporting further development of the game. Might also help tire-kickers to get into the game faster.

If implemented, I think it would be neat for the player to assume a 'role', in that the pre-made character comes pre-named, and pre-equipped with some varying armor (random magic/enchants on certain pieces), nothing amazing, just gear appropriate for the level with a little bit of variation, so that you never know what you are going to get, if you bought 2 barbarians for example. In the Market, there could be a choice of a male or female of each class.

Along these lines, a player re-name option is a consideration, although I understand that this has the potential for abuse and so requires some additional thought.

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Title: Re: Pre-made level 20 characters in Market
You can already buy EXP, probably to level 20 for cheaper than 10$


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