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Title: Evil hunting spots

So obviously evil is lacking some hunting spots, especially lower level ones. A lot of places we find lowly archers and squires also have crusaders and paladins nearby.

For good and neutral players, Ice Trolls/Cold Corpses are the best hunting place ever. They're weak to fire, so any fire weapon lets you farm faster. They both tend to drop good loot consistantly. Theirs a town nearby for selling/banking. They can train magic resistance there. The monsters are good exp for their difficulty. One can AFK farm a single monster since they are isolated, or can actively circle the room clearing them as they spawn. It the PERFECT hunting place.


Copy whatever difficulty those trolls are and slap them onto an elf body, and throw a little elf village down somewhere.

Could use a 'white mage/wizard' training area, where Evil players can fight low level monks and apprentices, good for MR training.

Same for Knights-in-Training, like a Barracks for recruits. More mid-level neutrals? There is kind of a jump from Reptile men to Minotaurs (i guess earth golems but ew) maybe a swamp town of reptilian men + stronger versions. 


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