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Title: White Magic Spell suggestions

Ok after testing all of them out... Still pretty set that White Magic should be Fire, Light, and Lightning. 'Cold' really doesnt fit and is usually an evil thing, and i've never seen it as a DoT. I never used the cold spells though, ever. Knights are Paladins so their Prayer magic should get Holy and stuff too but different ones. Here are some Fire, Lightning, or Holy spells for White Mages.


1. Ball Lightning. This is a classic. This would be (if possible) a directional spell that slowly travels and zaps anything that gets within a range of 2. Can zap multiple enemies, but disapates if it collides with anything.

2. Chain Lightning, another classic. Hits a target, bounces to others. Could increase # of bounces with stats.

3.  This would be a Mundane spell. Summon Mimic! A a chest with legs that you can store gear inside, he follows you around but does not fight and does not draw aggro. Could be pked by other players/stolen from.

4. Guarding Light. Summons a light wisp to fly above you and shoot light beams at enemys automatically. Consumes MP per shot. 

5. Turn Unead. Multi-target Holy attack against nearby undead within LOS (like holy ground but ranged)

6. Symbol of Healing. Marks the area with a single hex Symbol that regenerates the health of any Good players that stand on it, while burning any Evil who step on it.

7. Resurrect. Duh. (make it cost a diamond for a reagent)

8. Channel of Light/lightning. A channeled stream of either holy light or lightning, whichever makes more sense or easier to do. 


After toying with black magic i'll see what it has to offer and what can be different.


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