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Title: Weapon skillgain! + other

Weapon Skills 

I think the skillgain in attack weapons like axe, sword, staff.. etc.. I think they level to fast.

Im just standing and grinding, first zombies and now pirates, im level 18 and allready at 158 axe. 

I would be max allready if you dident lower but i think you should lower more, after getting 50, it should lower another 15%, after 100 another 15%, after 150 another 15% and maybe 175 another 15%, this way u would not get max untill at high level, my guess about lvl 40 xD 

Still think its fast :) Just my oppinion. 

Sharpening stone

Each time i login and have used charges of my charpening stone, i guess its after an update, the sharpening stone who had lower dur then 50 will get full dur again. Not that i feel any pain about it, but you should look into it :) 

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Title: Re: Weapon skillgain! + other

Believe me... it'll get harder! I just maxed axe skill now, at lvl 42! But this is NOT a skill based game, it's a mix of skill AND lvl! The skill alone itself will not do much to help you. U still gotta level up and raise the needed stat points to make it efective!

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Title: Re: Weapon skillgain! + other

Thanks for the feedback and the bug about the sharpening stone! Ill take care of the stone immediatly


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