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Title: Ideas

Well first, it makes no real sense to me that Claymores are 1h weapons. So perhaps change Claymore to Bastard sword and Two Handed Sword to Claymore?

Also, allowing merchants to fortify takes money out of the player merchants pocket. Maybe just allow them to fortify below platinum? Otherwise it's pointless to have merchants do it since someone can just pay a cost less than the ingot cost to have an NPC do it.


I will update things as soon as things pop into my head!

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Title: Re: Ideas

I agree on this, having to find a Merchant class that were able to fortify your weapon and even repair them is much better then having the normal NPC doing it,  as arche says, the Merchant class becomes useless if they have no work. 
People repair and fortify thier weapon from NPC will put the Merchants out of work before they need a new one. 

It should cost alot to use great weapons not the pitty tiny 50 gp to fortify and even less to repair. 



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