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Title: about throwing and possible bug

1. Throwing weapon

on skill info it says "Allows you to throw daggers, exploding potions and even some axes."

but it doesnt tell me exactly which axes can be thrown.

so i had to buy every single items from blacksmith and double clicked them to find out which one can be trown...

so, is it possible to put "can be thrown" text on each weapon's tooltip/info. ?


2. Throwing purposed items

Something like "throwing knife" or "shuriken" stuff is needed.

which can be stacked, light weight and be poisoned in bulk (same as arrows)


3. Buffs on throwing object

when i poison my dagger and thow it. poison does work.

but when i put "Consecrate Weapon" and throw it, it doesnt work.

is it intended?


4. Crafting in bulk

since it takes forever to re-stock daggers on vendor. i tried to make my own daggers.

but when crafting, i had to press "make"  - "ok" - "make"  - "ok" -"make"  - "ok" -"make"  - "ok"  numerous times.

so please either make fading confirmation text so we dont have to press "ok"

OR allow us to make in bulk at first place.


5. Throwing skill and items

Item doesnt says its required throwing skill point to throw it.

So i had to double click wherever i gain skill points


6. Torch/light pot bug

I can use both Torch and light potion.

but when torch is faded and darken, i cannot drink another light potion.

it says same effect is already on. (but screen is dark)


Thank you for reading

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Title: Re: about throwing and possible bug

Alright lots of good points here! Most of these should be pretty easy to implement ill see if I can work a new throwing item in the list for next week.


About the light pot, so your torch burnt out.... you had already drank a light pot and it wouldnt let you drtink another light pot yet? if so that sounds about right. maybe I am miss-interpreting

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Title: Re: about throwing and possible bug

1. use torch

2. drink light potion

3. torch burnt out and screen became dark

4. cant drink another light potion since its effect from 2 lasts

5. still dark


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