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Title: Wizardly Suggestions/issues

Ok server seems down again atm so good time for this although i still have a long way to go with my Wizzy.

First. When having a spell charged and waiting for a target, cant interact with objects like Doors, its a small gripe.

Second. When casting, i tend to spam the spell because it doesnt automatically target, this causes my chat to spam with my spell keys from pressing the button during the casting. Having the option to enable auto-cast on priority target would make this easier.

Third, on that note, being able to priority target another player for easier healing, so when you cast a "heal other" spell it will automatically heal him if it can.

Four, Bless/Shield/Consecrate be short range AoE's? Easier and quicker to buff a group, again a lot of time is spent with targeting. This would be useful if buffing summoned minions too.

Five, i like the reagent system but as i branch out in magic, i need to pick up new reagents in bulk. I think 30% of my time is spent just gathering reagents from stores to go hunt with, need to bring so many or the trip is not worth it. Holy Water especially, can only buy 100 at a time, gotta walk across the whole world to buy 400, i'll go through that very fast. Its all very heavy too, some reagents are much heavier. Sooo maybe once you've mastered a magic tree (150+?) It lightens the reagent requirements on spells, so some basic spells require none. Reagents for big spells would be good to keep though. I think i had about 800 reagents on me and went hunting, if i run low on one critical reagent i gotta stop to get more. So much downtime.

Six, i assume this is already on the way but more details about Buffs, like the effect and duration.

Seven, more utility maybe, like Portals be part of advanced Mundane magic, that let you mark and return to specific locations (outdoor locations)

Eight, maybe Druidery could be a neutral player only magic, or just have neutral players be able to increase it more. I think neutrality should have its own skill perks.

Nine, Something in our off-hand ? An orb? A Scepter ? Maybe a glove/Cestus type weapon ?

Thats all that come to mind for now, i know im missing some so i'll update this at some point.


ELEVEN. Summoning, the AI is pretty dumb and hard to control, even using the 'select all' they sometimes dont attack a target. Summoned monsters should automatically target YOUR target. They should also NOT retreat when wounded because they are FODDER. Might also be good if you got EXP for having them fight mobs rather than just poofing them in.  Additionally, i went running and my pets lagged behind, they never caught up, i re-logged, i zoned into a cave, they didnt appear. I couldnt summon more and could not dismiss them, even using a Spirit Stone did not bring them back to me, but it has before. Its like getting out of their range messed them up.

Twelve. CHAIN LIGHTNING, please ? Like a bouncing holy bolt.

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