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Title: a lil list of suggestions

So, yesterday, while playing and talking about pvp, I came up up some ideas.

The first one is fully directed to pvp.
I think a "bounty system" would be an interesting thing to have on the game. It's likely that not everybody will have the same ways to protect themselves on pvp (like merchants can't fight back a knight, and some ppl will just hunt merchants for their goods). So, I came up with an idea where, when you get killed by another player, and you didn't started the attack, a mark is put on him. So, you go to a town and pay a fixed ammount of gold that will be a bounty over his head. Any other player can then get this as a "quest", and the first one to kill him, will get the flag and will be able to return and receive the bounty. IF the one who wants revenge gets to kill the murderer, he will get the flag and will be able to get his money back! And, once the murderer is killed by anyone with the "bounty quest" flag, his mark of killing that player in particular will be removed, so, only one person can kill the murderer for the bounty reward. And, on this event, a sys message would be sent to all players with the bounty quest active telling em the murderer has been killed for this bounty in particular! This will make people think more before attacking merchants, as they can get hunted down by lotsa adventurers seeking for fortune!

Another ideia, is to have different kinds of leather, or other materials. I say that, because knights and rangers have lots more options on customization than barbarians and rogues... barbarians can wear fur armor and bone armor. Rogues can wear leather and some specific rogue itens. But rangers can wear almost any of that, scale and chain, and knights go even to plate. The problem is that you can make different kinds of metal armor (copper, red copper, iron, black iron, platinum and so on), but when it comes to leather, fur and bone... bone armor is made of common bones and nothing else, fur and leather are made of thin leather and nothing else! It would be nice to see some material variation on light armors as we see on heavy.


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