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Title: Some Suggestions

1. equip/unequip

please add this command in hot key so we can link items to this button. (mutilple items in one key would be good too)

Currently, its really annoying to unequip and re-equip items for repairs/enchants.


2. log out

please make an option to goto character selection screen.


3. font color

in global chat, when ppl change their font colors, please let them be in their on system. (my eyes hurt)


4. durability

when item's durability is almost done. red icon of item somewhere in game screen would be nice.


5. buff duration

potions and buffs should be shown with icon as well with timer.



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Title: Re: Some Suggestions

These are all likely doable... and good suggestions. I will add them to the feature list.

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Title: Re: Some Suggestions

thank you for quick response.


i like this game btw =D


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