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Title: merchants

First of all, merchant is an interesting class with minigame and has alot of noncombat actions.


1)Merchants really need new skill "prospecting". it would allow the common player to determine and decide what rock he will develop, based on his personal preferences and the work that he took. He compared to skills with  rock compound and spoke to the player what proportion of resources he can roughly gather there. Accuracy of the determination will increase with increasing skill.


2)U can believe me that extracting ore is not a funny action, but it takes alot of time clicking 1 button every 3-4 seconds. mb mining would be toggleable? as well as woodcutting?

PS:i know its look like grinding machine,but we already have automated combat mode and autoopening loot of new corpses.But even so combat is more interesting than mining.


3)Good mines are in dangerous places and faraway from banks/forges/towns/your home. so mb carpenter would be able to craft carts with good capacity?U can push it with some speed penalty


And portrait. I'll be honest and say that it looks just horrible. I saw a dragon, it looks cool,i saw golems, they are pretty good. But portrait... and everyone see it all the time.


Last thing would be helpfull for all players. its a global market aka auction. I think it needs no detailed description=)


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