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Title: New Skills System

I think eliminating classes and allowing players to chose how to develop thier chracter would be the best option.


Players would be able to choose what skills they want to focus on and create thier own hybrid character class that works well for the player.


Perhaps, like the game Dawntide, every player has a certain amount of points total they can use up for all skills in the game. 



Lets assume game has 56 skills types in the list.

This means that each skill is around (estimate) 200 points each maximum level.

Lets assume that a combined total of 10,000 skill points can be filled for maximum values.

This means that the GM would max out (lock in vallues permenently) maximum total points to 7,000 for the players to use however they choose.

This means that you could ONLY maybe max out 70% of the skills in the game. So choose wisely.

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