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Title: Couple of suggestions

Hi Chris,


2 suggestions.

1) Dialogues and responses

Would it be possible to list the npc dialogues with numbers next to them? say I was talking to a shopkeeper and he would have a dialogue like:


Hello! how can I help you today?


The list of reponses would have numbers in front of them i,e

1) I would like to buy

2) I would like to sell

3) Where can I gather etc


Then you would press the corresponding number you wish to chose. This would help with less clicking and therefore straining with the hand. Yes I am aware hitting the number key is the same but it is not so intensive on the hand.


2) work orders


When you click on the work order, is it possible to have an auto-fill button? makes it easier or more functional.





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Title: Re: Couple of suggestions

Please explain autofill a little more so I clearly understand what you mean. are you suggesting a button for the order to search your pack for items that might work to fill it?

Ill see what I can do with the dialog.

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Title: Re: Couple of suggestions

Yeah pretty much it - when you press auto fill button, it searches your pack so you dont have to manually fill it.


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