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Title: Quest for skills

One thing about this game has always been wierd to me. You spend a lot of time hitting a zombie with a staff and bam your a master white wizard out of no where. It feels like there's no connection to your skills in this game since you never once have to use them to have 200+ skill in it. So, I was thinking of how to make your character more attached to his own skills and thought of the merchant class. Every 25 points you have to use your own skill(s) and do a lot of work in order to allow you to gain more skill. I was thinking of in order to start skilling up in a skill you must first do a quest to unlock it. 

Say in order to start doing druidy you must first find a druid and do a simple quest for him, maybe to collect regeants and grow some trees or mushrooms (like the fairys).


You don't have to unlock a skill but to get it past 50 or 100 you then do a quest to learn more about it. Again for druidy, probably to make food for people or keep a npc up (using regeneration) while he fights a mob.


Have a subset of experience for every skill, which you gain when using that skill and you can't put more points into the skill untill you gain so much of that skill's experience.


I'm out of ideas, just some way to make skills more attached to the user so your just not a master wizard from hitting a zombie with a staff for couple of hours.

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