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Title: Goblin key master

I actually havn't killed too many goblins since they've been added between dragonhead and ironforge but it would be nice if a mass spawn (if there isn't one already) was added to them and the boss mob would be the goblin key master (or what ever you can think of).

Have him drop a key and add 3 new chests in one of the camps where you can only open one of them (consumes the key) and have 2 of the boxes trapped :) . Make the two trapped boxes just give a bunch of gold and maybe a tier 2 item and the untrapped chest a bunch of gems or enchanting material (since they also sell well) and a tier 3 weapon.

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Title: Re: Goblin key master

Yes there will be much to goblins still. In fact that will be one of the areas in faycrest, goblin caves... but I certainly like the idea of having a boss in the camps.


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