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Title: New Class: Priest/Cleric

Since we only have one real healer - the wizard (caster/healer combo) I thought a priest wood be good. Basically the concept is that the priest is a melee/healer combo with the emphasis on healing.


Strength 95, Stamina 95, Knowledge 90, Intelligence 95, Faith 110, meditation 110

Skill set:

Concentration 150 - They rely on spirit regeneration

Dodging 50 - They can somewhat dodge but not well

Healing 200 - For healing

Druidy 200 - For healing

Mundane Magic 150 - for healing

White Magic/Black Magic 100 - for healing but limited ability as they rely more on prayer

Heavy Armor 150 - Heavy armor so they have protection in melee

Shield 100 - Limited shield to say wooden made ones

Mace Fighting 150 - Only real melee ability

Magic Resist 200 - The have Faith so this will be high

Poison Resist 200 - Trained in medicine and healing so this will be high

Prayer 200


What do you guys think?


Just trying to help with ideas :D

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Title: Re: New Class: Priest/Cleric

 you can almost do the same build but with knight but better hehe but i like the new class idea



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