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Title: Party/grouping system

I feel having a party/grouping system in place would be a nice addition and create a stronger community (and more specialized characters)- Splitting XP based on damage alone does nothing to reward the one using their reagents to buff and heal as everyone is concerned only for damage. This also means lower level players who could potentially group together oto take down bigger monsters generally will not since it takes "roles" (i.e. Dedicated Tank, dedicated healz , buffs, etc.)

Would be nice to be able to "group" with people an d get a straight split on XP. That way if my Wizard wishes to act as a primary healer he still gets XP gain. It seems to promote community by encouraging players to group- As it is its almost counter productive for grouping.

A way to keep this from being exploited and having people "power level" a lowbie, XP could still be split unequally , but by level, For instance a level 5 and a level 10 get together and take out a 100 XP mob (using these numbers for simplicity sake) The level 10 would get 75 XP and the level 5 25XP even if the level 5 is only giving off healz.


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Title: Re: Party/grouping system

We will be coming up with something for the party system. I think you make a lot of valid points in your post but the system needs to be carefully thought out. I cant say this will be immediately available but in a few months I hope to have something place for players.

We may integrate this with the guild system.


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