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Title: Potential SUMMONING issue

Last night I was testing out summoning with my Wizard (max Knowledge) and I had a pretty large pack of wolves following me around - While this didnt cause any problems it did bring up a concern. Once enough other people are running around with large packs of creatures (specifically in town or crowded dungeons) what will happen in the lag department? I experienced a wee bit of slowdown and was alone- With a few other players running around with 6-8 wolves what are the chances of lagging out badly? Personally I think this could be a problem. I can see ten or so people running around with max summons and causing chaos in town or in PVP.

I propose a stress test to see how many summons we can feasibly get in a town such as Brimstone and if this is going to be an issue. 

Proposed solution: Assuming there IS an issue with too many summonables lagging the game I would suggest limiting the number to around 4 and creating a separate summoning spell  which allows you to "enhance" your summons (longer summon times/more HP/more attack power) 

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Title: Re: Potential SUMMONING issue

I am not sure what the stats are on your PC... we have had some fairly large battles in town and out of town during beta 1 with no real lag issues. However you can always check your fps by typing /fps true if you wish to find out what the slow down is. Some parts of town are slightly slower than others for some pcs it is just a lot for them to draw. 


Make sure you are in the local window (not global when issueing the command)

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