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Title: Where can leather be found

i am trying to level and build up a merchant while i do a knight at same time, but so far and i maybe very very slow on it i haven't been able to figure out where to get soft leather to make the armors yet, so if anyone can give me a heads up on this that would be really appreciatated

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Title: Re: Where can leather be found

soft hide can be found by killing deers and wolves. Deers always drop 1 hide and wolves 2 hides

There's a good place to collect them east of dragonhead village where goblins kill all the deers, so there is a big pile of hides to collect :D

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Title: Re: Where can leather be found

Collect the hides if you can handle the 3 goblins running at you.  One is at least an archer. Caution.


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