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Title: Enchanted Item Tiers

At the moment killing difficult creatures can drop enchnated gear, the more difficult the creature the more likely it can drop higher tiered items. Currently I have found 4 tiers of armor and weapons with there being 4 types of elemental version of weapons and 3 elemental types of armor. Also the material these items are made out of seem to also be random.

Each item can add to its skill that it uses, such as a tier 1 sword with the engraved prefix it'll have +5 to sword fighting skill. Anointed will give +10, and Enchanted will give +15. For shields I noticed these have doubled, engraved will be 10, anoited will be 20 and so forth.


All items: + to item used skill
Engraved                     +5
Anointed +10
Enchanted +15
Mystical +20


Amor: Deals damage back to attacker
Feedback                                          1-2 damage
Current 2-4 damage
Reverberation 4-6 damage


Armor: Magic Resistance
Magical Aura +10%
Magical Protection +15%
Magic Absorption +25%


Armor: Cold resistance
Heat                       10%
Flames 25%
Fire 40%


Armor: Fire Resistance
Coldness           10%
Frost 25%
Ice 40%



Weapons come with charges so there elemental effects can only go off so many times till the charges reach 0. Charges can be replenished to its maximum at any enchanter (people who buy/sell magical items). The charges are random but it seems more difficult mobs have higher charges.

Weapon: Magical Damage on hit Charges
Magic 4-4 25ish
Magical Energy 6-6 50ish
Magical Blast 8-8 80ish


Weapons: Lightning damage per hit Charges
Shock                   2-4 25ish
Current 4-7 50ish
Lightning 6-9 80ish


Weapons: Cold damage per hit Charges
Coldness        2-3 25ish
Frost 3-6 40ish
Coldblast 4-7 50ish

*Cold weapons are usually the rarest and the lowest damage and charges.


Weapon: Deals fire damage on hit Charges
Sparks                1-6 25ish
Fireblast 3-9 50ish
Hellfire 7-12 80ish



I'm sure some of my information isn't all correct or there and if anyone notices it please say so, so I may be able to fix it.

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Title: Re: Enchanted Item Tiers


Well done!

This will truly be a huge help for players like me who don’t know a lot about enchantments. Also, I’d love to see a drop list added to this (assuming you know where these armors come from).

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Title: Re: Enchanted Item Tiers

Thanks for the information.

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Title: Re: Enchanted Item Tiers

There is also legendary +25 

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Title: Re: Enchanted Item Tiers

I'd like to point out an observation with Cold weapons. They seem to add a small DoT on the target. This would go in line with the way the spells themselves work, cold usually adds a DoT.


That is really weird though, usually fire does that.

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Title: Re: Enchanted Item Tiers

Its like the DoT u get in ice cave, u freeze and take damage. I have also noticed that. :) 


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