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Hello everyone!

I started an article for Fantasy Realms Online: Moon Haven at:

My main goal for this wikia is to provide some general inforation with out spoiling the feeling of exploring an unknown world.

Here is a list of what is already on the wikia:

  • Maps
    • Dungeons - a map showing how the Dragonhead Mines and Crypts interconnect with each other and to the world map
    • Towns - each town has a map with the shops, player housing, and a few points of interest labeled
    • World - there is an unmarked map for you to download and place your own notes on it; there is also a map marked with the same things as the ingame map (except for the large regional labels [Brimstone, Faycrest, Snowash, and Giants Pass] because I felt they would take up too much room)
  • Quests
    • Story - I am focusing on providing the storyline information using screen shots of the quest dialogues and screen shots of characters completing the quest. The story section is for simply letting people no the storyline.
    • Walk Through - I am not particulary interested in this section but I placed it on here in case anyone else wants to contribute to it. The walk through is for a step-by-step guide.

Here are some areas I am interested in adding to the wikia:

  • Character section - for posting information and stories about your characters. You can use this section to list times that you regularly play and keep others informed about what you are up to in the game

I realize that people have and are using these forums for the things I have just talked about but I feel that the wikia will consolidate inforation in a manner that is easier (at least for me) to navigate. If you need help posting to the wikia I will do what I can to help but this is the first wikia I have started so I am still learning to.

The wikia is open to the public and anyone can edit it.


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